Friday, August 05, 2005

Ursula's actions @ 2½

This is from an email update I sent to the Dec'02 group I'm in... figured I'd c&p it here as well :)

Her vocabulary has skyrocketed! She's using 'and' to connect different thoughts and 'too' all the time. If there's 2 items that are alike, she says she has two of them. So far, that's the only number she knows and understands... lol But, honestly, I haven't worked with her on any of those things... not like I did for Calista.

Like Ursula is just now trying to sing her ABC's; Calista was saying them/singing them by the time she was 2 yrs old.

She says, "I want to" or "I don't want to" a whole lot now. Always asking "why", even after you answer, here comes another 'why'. She says, "in a minute" and "just a tiny tiny bit".

In the "I do it" stage... but there are many times when she acts like she can't do something... like pull up panties or get up off the floor... stuff like that.

She still is moody. When she wakes from her nap, takes her at least an hour before she's happy again.

She's potty-trained and night weaned! woohoo!

She likes to dance but doesn't want anyone to watch her while she does it.

Her 'trick' she likes to do on the floor is to put her hands and one foot on the floor and lift the other up in the air... lol Isn't that a yoga move, Mary? lol

She does flips off of the arm of the couch onto the sofa's pillows. Also just jumps off the arm, but before she does, she'll count, "1, 2, 2" and then say, "CANNONBALL!" which is more like, "CAN BALL!" then jump or fall onto her face on the sofa, come up laughing.

Always asking to go somewhere. Wants to sleep at her Mimi & Papa's house. Whenever someone leaves our house, she wants to go with them (does she just want to escape me? lol j/k).

She tells on Calista or on any other kid around. Blames any other kid for stuff too.

She jokes around with this little face she makes... kind of perches up her lips, lowers her eyebrows, and says stuff in a funny voice then walks away in a funny walk. Oh, and she usually ends it with saying something that sounds like, 'pinhead'... lol Now, I do call her pumpkin head (I Don't know why I do... it just comes out)... so, maybe that's what she's trying to say? lol

She just adores babies. Loves her little cousin, Sophia. Loves, loves, loves her. She actually picks her up and brings her to us... She says my baby is her baby, as in the baby in my body is hers... lol

She still mothers all the baby dolls over here, nurses them, bathes them, lotions them up, dresses and undresses them, tries to put diapers on them, etc.

Other kids her age, she's doing much better with them. She can go at least 30 hr without fighting with them now! woohoo! lol

And one of the best compliments that I've received, second-hand though, was from Jeremy's mom. She told J's sister, concerning Ursula sleeping over there with Calista, that 'you couldn't ask for a better child.'! WOW! I got all teary-eyed! Of course, she didn't tell me, J's sister told me she said that.

Oh, and she wants to go to school with Calista.

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