Tuesday, March 25, 2008

More Celebrity-Look-A-Likes





Calista on March 21st, 2008

I was in a picture taking mood:D
Ursula declared that she didn't want to take any... so, I didn't take any of her... well, I took one of her... not so great... she was squinting because of the sun and had her arms covering most or half of her face.

Anyways... here's my photogenic child, Calista :)
I enjoy taking her pictures because she usually listens. She'll hold her head where I put it or where I tell her to put it/look.
Cropped and in Sepia of above picture:

Notice the band-aid on her forehead? yeah... She busted her head coming the wrong way down off of the bunk bed.

Cropped and in black & white of above pic:

Cropped & put into Sepia of above pic:

Black & white and cropped version of above picture:

Cropped version of above:

This one is how Calista wanted to enhance its color:

And in Sepia:

And just think... how much better pictures I can take with a working camera... :D
Yes, I'm still using the one with no flash :((
So, all outside pictures and no inside candid ones... or sweet, sleeping ones...