Sunday, January 22, 2006

See Anything Different?

I was changing Calista's earrings when Ursula stated that she wanted earrings too. So, Jeremy was more than willing to accomadate (sp?) her by getting out the ear-piercing thingie we had bought when she was 20 mths old. Her ears aren't red today like they were in that picture. Of course, I took these pictures immediately after Jeremy pierced them last night.

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Update on My Girls

Jeremy and I brought them to a KidMed checkup.
Ursula's 37½" tall and weighs 35lbs
Calista weighs 45lbs and is 43 3/4" tall.

None of the nurses gave me any problems about them not being vaccinated. They were kind of shocked when I told them about Wyatt's birth :D hehehe But, none of them were condescending or anything.

Ursula just came out of the bedroom with one of Wyatt's sleepers on... "it fits me!"

Ursula's latest sayings, "That's why..."
".... you know" as in "That's my baby, you know."
"Its my favorite"
"Its my favorite in the whole wide world" or
"... in the whole wide world" in relation to something else.

Still working with her on her pronounciations... like trying to get her to say the 'f' sound and the 's' sound. She said, "gross" the other day... pronoucing the 's' sound... so, that's a start! I didn't even know she knew that word though! lol

Calista got her 3rd 6 wks' report card in and made all A's and S's with one U in handwriting! A 4.0 :D She raised 2 B's from last report card :D I just wish she'd take more time to write better! I think she's just wanting to finish up first or something.

OH! Calista has a photo shoot at the end of next month! I have her and Ursula listed at and a child photographer contacted me about 'shooting' her for a Mardi Gras theme shoot :D I went to his site and he does some excellent work :D I'm excited for her :D Plus, I don't have to pay anything and he gives me a disc of all the pics :) I'll be going to Houma for it.

Someone from that site had also contacted me about Ursula but didn't write me back yet.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Last Day of 2005

My girls in their PJ's :D
Notice that Calista's always behind Ursula... I don't know why. I kept telling her to get to the side of Ursula. I am guessing she does this so that she looks like the oldest, but I'm not sure.