Sunday, September 10, 2006

Ursula & Her 'Girls'

She actually sat on the stool and posed for me to take these pictures; HER idea! LOL
Yes, she dressed them.
She dresses her babies, dolls, stuffed animals, etc. in not only their clothes but also in her own or her Calista's or Wyatt's clothes.

She put on some old pink lipstick (that I never used) so she could match the dolls.
While this may look like she's showing off a booger (that's what Calista says about it), its actually a picture of her showing off the thorn she pulled out of her foot.
You may be wondering why she doesn't have a shirt on... well, she did... in fact, she had 2 shirts on earlier. But, while we were outside, it started drizzling and because she doesn't like her clothes to get wet, she took her shirt off. She also ran around the house several times after she took her shirts off which is probably why she had a thorn in her foot.

Calista on September 9th, 2006

I thought this one was funny :D Kind of fish lens looking :D
Calista's eye color looked really neat yesterday and I was trying capture that... I don't think I did :(
I think she looks so cut with pigtails :D
Of course, they're messed up looking in these pics because she was playing.

My Girls Together Yesterday

Sleeping Sweeties

I just had to take pictures of this:

Its just so sweet!
Especially with as much as they fight... LOL But, they play well together too.