Monday, December 23, 2013

Ursula's 11 Year's Old!

My girlie-girl is 11 now! 
She's funny :-)
She is still moody... likes to argue and be contrary.
She doesn't like hugs too much from anyone other then her parents.

She's 59.5" tall
Weighs 94 lbs
Wears a size 12 or size 0 in clothes
Wears a size 7 shoe
5th grade... had a bad start but seems to be doing much better now.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Well, Calista was asked on a date last night by one of her new friends, Jeremie :D  hehe  I told her I think she's too young to go on dates.  He asked her to go to the movies on Friday night and he didn't mind if I went with them... ha ha ha  I'd hope not!  LOL  Because, yes, she'll be chaperoned! :D

In the picture, Jeremie is the taller boy all the way to the left.

Thursday, September 05, 2013


Calista (14.5 yrs old)wants everyone to know that she is still taller than Ursula (10.5 yrs old)!  Hahaha

We suspect thay Ursula's going through or about to go through a growth spurt bc she's been getting seconds at dinner time!  She never did that and now it's a daily thing (for probably the last 2 wks or so)!


Ursula went to the bus stop early... because?  She wanted to READ!!!  WHAT???  I'm like, ok... sounds good :-D. Her A.R. book; which is Charlotte's Web.
And here is a pic of her with our xxl pitt, Titan :-D. He's like 9 or 10 mths old :-D
Oh, Ursula has some purple contacts in... that's why her eyes look kind of freaky... LOL

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Update on Calista & Ursula

They're doing well :)  Ursula's catching up to Calista... almost wearing the same sizes!  Ursula's foot is the same size as mine (size 6)!  Calista's foot size is a 7.  Ursula's wearing size 12's... and can fit some size 0's.  Calista's in a size 1.
Ursula is a totally animal person :D  Calista likes them allright... but, not quite like Ursula.  She likes her Guinea Pig though :)  And its a good thing Titan (our huge Pit puppy) is a good dog because all the kids love him :)  Ursula usually brings our cat, Cosmo, into her bunk bed when she goes to sleep and he stays pretty much all night!  ha ha ha  Calista's my height (5'2").  Ursula's not far behind.  Ursula's taking her LEAP test this week.  I'm sure she'll do fine and move on to 5th grade :)  Calista's doing ok in school and also taking some testing as well... not sure what it is though... ha ha ha