Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Yesterday & Today's Events

Today is Open House at Calista's school. Brandy will be picking me and Ursula up so that we can go since we still have no car!

Calista brought home her 2nd 6 wks report card. She got the honor roll :) 3.5 gpa. She had all A's and S's except for math... but, I've seen her tests... she skips some problems... probably due to her trying to go too fast. And that causes her to have B's instead of A's. No biggie though. And this time, she only had a B in conduct in one of her classes.

For Christmas... I'm thinking of getting one of those interact TV thingies for them. Either the Fisher-Price InteracTV DVD Learning System (ages 3 to 8) or the Fisher-Price Read With Me DVD System (ages 3 to 7). To aid in reading and stuff. Calista told Jeremy she wants fish. So, the other day, he said he's buying her a fishtank. yay... more animals...

Seeing how much Ursula LOVES playing with her baby dolls and even that one teddy bear, I bought something off of eBay for her. I KNOW she'll love it! Its a Princess baby doll swing. The swing can be removed and used as a backpack doll carrier too! Which is great because Ursula loves putting things on her back... even a real carseat! She'll put her baby doll in there, strap them in, and then get behind it and use the straps to put it on her back and walk around with it like that! So, I know she'll just love what I bought for her! In addition, I think it'll help her once our baby is born... she'll have something to occupy her and let her nurture her mothering instincts while I'm tending to Wyatt.

Its not that I was looking for a baby doll swing, I was actually looking for a baby doll snuggli or backpack carrier. I swear, baby doll gear is so frickin' expensive! So, when I found that swing/carrier combo at the price I got it for, I couldn't pass it up. I'm probably going to sew her a Maya wrap type of baby carrier too... I have some old 100% cotton jersey knit sheets to use for that. I was thinking of using them to make one for myself as well :D I think my little baby will like it.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ursula Talk

Ursula talks soooo much... she's saying so many things... stringing sentences together easily... the only thing is her pronounciation. Like there are still about 4 sounds she doesn't say and substitutes with other sounds.

Like fart is bart.
Sophia is Topeela
myself is mybelf as in "I do it mybelf"

Than on a few a words, she adds a syllable for some reason:
bottle is bah-tah-no
gum is gum-ma

And a couple of other examples:
stroller is strollie
vagina is jye-nee
noonies are ninnies

Some phrases she says often:
That's not fair! (what does she know about fairness??? LOL)
I don't want you to leave me! (like we've ever left her!)
You are my mommy/daddy! (that goes along with sweet hugs)
Its bedtime! - followed by:
Its storytime! Then she wants me to sing to her.
LET ME NURSE NOW!!! She'll sit on the sofa and yell this at me.
I love you, ninnies! (yes, talking to my breasts, with hugs and kisses to them)
I want to go to your house (to whomever she's talking to on the phone)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005


Aren't they so cute? Another thanks to A
unt Tasha for giving the girls their Halloween costumes! hehehe

Ursula wouldn't let me put the
red yarn wig on her this time though :(( Oh well.

Ursula carried that bear with her the WHOLE time! I guess it actually kind of fits the costume though.

Everyone thought they were so cute... well, for Calista, everyone thought she was so pretty! hehehe

I have to say, that after I finished with her make-up, her eyes were so
pretty! She will knock those boys out of their boots when she starts wearing make-up!!! She has such pretty eyes! I know, I sound like the typical mom... but, actually, I wouldn't say it if I didn't think it, even about my own children! I'd say I'm somewhat biased... but, not too extreme like most moms! hehehe

Here's a couple of other pictures I took after coming back home :D She actually posed for these... It was funny. My mom said she looks like Wednesday Addams in that picture to the right :D hehehe

Aimee is right though, one of these years, I'm going to have to get her a Betty Boop costume :D