Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Well, after receiving the costumes from eBay, we decided to not wear what was planned. Calista's, even though it was labeled a size 7/8, was really short; even on her! So, Ursula wore it instead, along with the shoes; they were a little big for her, she didn't care... she had been wearing them around the house anyways. The costume for Ursula fit okay... but, again, the length just seemed too short. Maybe they were supposed to be that short, but I guess I just rather Princess dresses longer. So, Calista wore the same costume she wore last year; good thing it fit her still!

The actual time we spent trick-or-treating was probably 45 min and then the lights were out :( But, the kids came back with a good bit of candy... way more than they need... believe me! So, Jeremy & I will help them eat it... :D

Ursula also decided she didn't want to wear her wig so, Calista did.
You can see in this first picture to the left her true feelings... I finally got her to smile for this picture to the right.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Halloween 2007

This year, the girls want to be princesses... again... LOL

So, I went to eBay and found a couple of costumes.

Ursula will be Sleeping Beauty (aka Aurora). A long blonde wig is also included :D woohoo

New with tags

Cost me a total of: $13.75
The Buy-It-Now price was $24.99 plus s&h.

Calista will be Cinderella :D

Her costume comes with a headband and shoes.

Cost me a total of: $15.70

There were so many pretty and well made costumes... but, its not like I have THAT much extra money to spend on them. What's cool is that this was bought totally by me. It had NOTHING to do with Jeremy. I was able to buy them because of all of the surveys I do that pay money. They send the money to my Paypal account.

Oh, I'm bidding on a prince outfit for Wyatt... I figured if the girls are princesses, he should be a prince :D If I don't win it and can't find another one... I'll see about getting him a frog costume. :D

Monday, October 08, 2007

Crazy Girl

Yes, she's my crazy kid...
If she's not doing something silly with her mouth, like lining her teeth right on top of one another or jutting her lower jaw out... she's doing something crazy with her eyes... LOL But, yes, it gets a tad bit fustrating when I really want to get some updated pictures of her.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

The Girls in October

Picture quality isn't here due to my broken camera... sucks that just because of the flash, I can't take as good of pictures anymore... even if the flash wouldn't have been required.
Also, in these pictures, I had put a little mascara and lip gloss on the girls :D
Of course, the background is no good either :D

Ursula in Her Pretty Dress

This adorable dress came from my sister, Cherie. I forgot where she got it from... maybe a thrift store? We love thrift stores... we find some many cute things!

These last 2 pictures would have been so much better had my camera been
focused... I'm working on getting another one...

Calista in October '07

You can see the empty spaces on the sides of her top teeth :D Yep, she's lost more teeth :D
She's 8½. I remember my 3rd grade picture with those same teeth missing :D

Yes, these two are the same picture... but, I liked how it came out after I changed it a bit and cropped it :D
Look at the girl's arm muscles! hehehe