Sunday, July 31, 2005

Newer Pictures of My Girls

Yeah, Calista looked somewhere else right as I shot the picture; and I have NO idea why Ursula is putting her head to the side... she has done this same thing when I want to take pictures of her on other occassions. I try to direct her to hold her head straight up.

Isn't that a cute picture of Calista? My little photogenic petite princess.

Sometimes I can get Ursula to take a decent picture :) She's been doing this fake smile bit nowadays though... but, this one came out cute. My sister, Cherie, actually took this picture of her while her and her girls and my mom were here last week.

More About Ursula

Her newest things to say:
"Where did this come from?"

"I want to!"
"I don't want to!"
I know there's others... I just can't think of them right now...

Friday, July 29, 2005

Officially Potty-Trained

I didn't want to jump the gun... but, I have to say that Ursula's potty trained! woohoo! Its been a while now, actually. For July 4th weekend, we drove like 3 hrs to and from this lake and she never peed on herself. She even got out of the lake and asked to go potty! hehe We've gone to stores, all day long, without her peeing her cloth panties! So... my advice, STAY AWAY FROM PULL-UPS! They just enable them to pee on themselves! I've learned my lesson! I think she would have trained much sooner (completely trained) if I had put her in regular panties instead of putting her in the pull-ups Jeremy would bring home.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Ursula and Calista slept at their Mimi and Papa's house again last night!!! Wow! Ursula's been wanting to go back ever since the first time! hehe She'd go get her bag and shove things in it, get her clothes, shoes and hat on, and tell me she's ready to go sleep at Mimi's :D hehe

I'm so glad my girls are independent. You know why? Because it proves others wrong about my parenting! HA HA! Esp. for Calista, all I'd hear was how I was spoiling her/them... they'd never leave my bed (co-sleep), or I was making them too dependent on me (extended breastfeeding) etc... but looks like they were wrong! ha ha again! Calista didn't even sleep at their house until she was over 3 yrs old. Here's Ursula at 2½ and not crying or anything; or wetting her panties! woohoo! And they thought that Ursula was more clingy then Calista was... they just don't remember like I do.

What it DOES prove is that my mothering has made them independent instead of vice versa.

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Ursula's Birth Date Means...

Your Birthdate: December 22

While sometimes employing unorthodox approaches, you are capable of handling large scale undertakings.

You assume great responsibility and work long and hard toward completion.

Often, especially in the early part of life, there is rigidity or stubbornness, and a tendency to repress feelings.

Idealistic, you work for the greater good with a good deal of inner strength and charisma.

An extremely capable organizer, but likely to paint with broad strokes rather than detail.

You are very aware and intuitive.

You are subject to a good deal of nervous tension.

Calista's Birth Date Means...

Your Birthdate: February 13

Being born on the 13th day of the month should help make you a better manager and organizer, but it may also give you a tendency to dominate people a bit.

You may be more responsible and self-disciplined than you realize.

Sincere and honest, you are a serious, hard working individual.

Your feeling are likely to seem somewhat repressed at times.

You are apt to be much more practical, rational, and conscious of details.

Your intolerance and insistence on complete accuracy can be irritating to some.

My Sweet Girls

I took these July 5th, 2005.

Aren't they adorable???

Monday, July 04, 2005

Ursula Sleeps Over!

WOW!!! Last night, Ursula and Calista slept over at Jeremy's parents' house! It was only from like 8pm until lunch today... but, wow! That's younger than when Calista did it! Of course, I'm sure it was better because her sister was there. But, no crying or anything, from what I understand! AND we had a peaceful night! THAT hasn't happen in sooo long!

Yesterday morning, we went to the Johnson Family Reunion... not sure of the location... it took over 2 hrs for us to get there. It was at this park by a lake... pretty nice, really. Anyways, the girls got to swim in the lake :D hehe

I didn't take any pics though.

Saturday, July 02, 2005

Calista's 2nd tooth gone!

She is so excited! Now she has 2 missing teeth! hehe She shows everyone her gap! hehe

I went to take a pic of just Calista, and Ursula wanted to get in too... and since she doesn't let me take many pics of her, I went ahead and took a pic of the both of them :D