Thursday, February 16, 2006

Calista's 7 Years Old!

Being that we had all of the 14 grandchildren from my side of the family at our Gram's house, we went ahead and gave Calista an impromptu birthday party.

It went really well :D

My brother, Jared, dressed up as Wolverine (I think our oldest sister, Aimee, had bought the costume for him and he had it, so he put it on) Calista was in the back room watching cartoons and in walked my brother! hehehe He picked her up and she hung on to him like a monkey does, and they walked to the dining room, that was decorated with some balloons I had bought that day from the Dollar Tree and a Happy Birthday banner that Aimee had brought.

I had also bought a number 7 bday candle, but we couldn't find it anywhere!!! So, we improvised with a couple of tea candles! lol She didn't care. Calista's very easily pleased and isn't demanding.

Aimee had also thought it would be a neat idea if the bday girl gave out presents, even though being 'her' day, to represent the notion of sharing and stuff like that. I thought that was cool so we went along with it :D

And since I didn't have my camera... its not working :(( These pictures came from Jessica, my sil. I would have taken more pictures, of course :D lol But, at least I got these. No pictures of Wyatt though :( I know he was sleeping and all... but... And Ursula's in a couple, but not really.

I can't wait to get a new camera.