Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Girls

Ursula & her cousin, Olivia. Olivia's older by 3 mths.
People think they're twins we're all together :)
Calista & her cousin, Soleil. Calista's older by 8 mths.
Soleil's a little taller. They don't get mistaken as twins. lol

Ursula as a Geisha Girl on Halloween 2009.

Calista as a Southern Belle/Scarlet O'Hara for Halloween 2009.

Health-wise, the girls are doing great :D

Calista's having problems at school (5th)... as in making bad grades :( She's been grounded for the first 2 report cards... two F's on them... and inconsistantly too... she has A's, B's, & C's in some subjects... Thankfully, her teacher sent home a website that has all four of her teachers' sites along with homework assignments... so, now I'm checking to make sure she does the homework that's on the sites... not just what she tells me she has to do.

Ursula's doing well in school :) Of course, Calista wasn't having problems in 1st grade either... not until she got to 4th grade.

Its funny how different they are. Ursula has been moody since day one. Calista's more happy-go-lucky... which is probably why she sees no problem with making bad grades in school. She's just more into arts & crafts. I'm trying to get her to read more (she checked out Twilight!!! from the library for A.R.). Anyways... Ursula's very concerned about her school work and doing well.

I decided to buy Calista a camera for Christmas and Ursula a MP3. I just know they'll LOVE these gifts! That's their big gifts... I bought them both boots. Birthstone jewelry. Learning PC games. They're gonna love their presents! Oh, on Craigslist, there's a guy with older computers that he formatted, fixed up, etc... for $50 to $75 each. I asked Jeremy to buy one for the girls. They have my old one but one of the RAM chips is burnt so, the computer shuts down for the simpliest games (the educational ones they already have)... its just fustrating to them, so, they barely want to use it :( So, hopefully, Jeremy will buy one of those PCs from that guy and that'll be a nice gift for them as well :)