Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ursula Attempts to Say Her Name!

Last Saturday, May 20th, 2005, Ursula, without provocation, tried to pronounce her name! This is exciting because she would NEVER even try prior to that day! We would try to 'trick' her into saying her name... have her repeat words/names... then we'd say, "Ursula"... and she'd say, "Me!"... lol

Anyways, she was pointing to my shirt and was saying that the dog on it was "Ur la ah"... I asked her repeat herself a few times... than I repeated it back and she said, "Yeah!"... but, I still had no idea what she was saying... finally, after mulling it around in my head, I asked her, "Are you trying to say, 'Ursula'?" To which she excitedly shook her head yes and said, "Yeah!!!". hehehe It was so cute :D She still won't try to say Calista's name... that's always "Tister".

And instead of 'noonies' which is what we always refer to my breasts as, she says 'ninnies'. And instead of 'gina' for vagina, she says 'giney' Wight is light. Hehwo is hello.

Friday, May 13, 2005


Her last day of school is May 27th. She went on her first class field trip last Tuesday (May 10th - same day her cousin, Carter was born as well as our cat's first batch of kittens, 3 black tabbies, 1 black, and 1 white one; also same day I had my blood work done for this pregnancy). They went to the Baton Rouge Zoo... I was so nervous about her going with her class... oh, all the tragic potentials/veritables... But, of course, it all turned out fine.

She missed school yesterday. Crazy bus driver passed the bus stop @ 6:55am!!! Geez! School starts @ 7:55am! This was the 2nd time she passed that early and the 2nd time Calista missed the bus. The day before, I sent Calista out at 6:50am and the bus didn't pass until 7:10am. So, I called the principal about it and she said she'd talk to the bus driver and see if I can have a time, within 3 min, of when she'd pass. I mean, come on... what? Am I supposed to get Calista to her bus stop @ 6:45 and let her wait out there until the bus shows up... because she used to pass between 7:05 and 7:15...

Ursula - WOW!

Last Friday, the 6th, and Saturday, the 7th, Jeremy took Ursula with him for the day!!! He brought her with him to go to his parents' house, run errands, etc. Apparently, she did really well with him! YAY! How good she behaved was repeatedly told to me that Sunday (Mother's Day), as if to 'rub it in my face'... ya know... I'm sooooo glad she does well without me. That makes me overjoyed, to tell the truth. I worried how she'd act Friday. And it helped me to get the rest I really need in this time of my pregnancy. I was able to nap, rest, relax, and clean house. I enjoyed my time alone and was so relieved that Ursula wasn't getting spanked, punished, yelled out, etc for not 'acting right'.

In fact, when Jeremy came home Friday, he told me that his mom offered her a mini oreo and Ursula turned it down by saying, "no, it makes me crazy."... wha wha wha what??? I've never heard her say 'crazy'. And again, she turned down a lollipop offered to her by someone at a horse store or someplace related to horses. She said, 'no' and walked away! woohoo! That's my girl!

Now, how proud am I about that? hehe That and her doing so well with her daddy :D It was a nice weekend :D