Friday, May 13, 2005

Ursula - WOW!

Last Friday, the 6th, and Saturday, the 7th, Jeremy took Ursula with him for the day!!! He brought her with him to go to his parents' house, run errands, etc. Apparently, she did really well with him! YAY! How good she behaved was repeatedly told to me that Sunday (Mother's Day), as if to 'rub it in my face'... ya know... I'm sooooo glad she does well without me. That makes me overjoyed, to tell the truth. I worried how she'd act Friday. And it helped me to get the rest I really need in this time of my pregnancy. I was able to nap, rest, relax, and clean house. I enjoyed my time alone and was so relieved that Ursula wasn't getting spanked, punished, yelled out, etc for not 'acting right'.

In fact, when Jeremy came home Friday, he told me that his mom offered her a mini oreo and Ursula turned it down by saying, "no, it makes me crazy."... wha wha wha what??? I've never heard her say 'crazy'. And again, she turned down a lollipop offered to her by someone at a horse store or someplace related to horses. She said, 'no' and walked away! woohoo! That's my girl!

Now, how proud am I about that? hehe That and her doing so well with her daddy :D It was a nice weekend :D

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