Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ursula Attempts to Say Her Name!

Last Saturday, May 20th, 2005, Ursula, without provocation, tried to pronounce her name! This is exciting because she would NEVER even try prior to that day! We would try to 'trick' her into saying her name... have her repeat words/names... then we'd say, "Ursula"... and she'd say, "Me!"... lol

Anyways, she was pointing to my shirt and was saying that the dog on it was "Ur la ah"... I asked her repeat herself a few times... than I repeated it back and she said, "Yeah!"... but, I still had no idea what she was saying... finally, after mulling it around in my head, I asked her, "Are you trying to say, 'Ursula'?" To which she excitedly shook her head yes and said, "Yeah!!!". hehehe It was so cute :D She still won't try to say Calista's name... that's always "Tister".

And instead of 'noonies' which is what we always refer to my breasts as, she says 'ninnies'. And instead of 'gina' for vagina, she says 'giney' Wight is light. Hehwo is hello.

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