Thursday, June 22, 2006

Monday, June 12, 2006


I took this one this morning.

She's been taking such silly pics lately, I was glad to get a decent one!

Her Aunt Jessica took this picture of Ursula sleeping on the floor while we were over there visiting; too funny :D

I took this one while we were at Jessica & Jared's. I like how it came out; she was in mid-swing... and yes, that's a baby swing :)

For some reason, kids always want to swing in the baby swings; well, at least mine do.

She now tells me, "Mom, the wind is blowing my hair!" hehehe Her hair is finally growing! yay!

And her favorite movie right now is Pocahontas. She was running through our tall grass (gosh it grows fast!) and she told me 'this is what Pocahontas does!'.


Calista's Aunt Tasha took the first 2 pics on this entry when Calista went sleep over there last week.

And here she is posing in the middle of playing at her Paw-paw's house; she saw me get the camera out and point it at her... so much for 'natural' shots, huh? lol