Saturday, April 23, 2005

Calista @ 6 yrs 2 mths

She's still a tiny girl :) But, I have been buying her size 6 dresses :) She wears about a size 11 shoe now :D She's getting bigger! woohoo!

School. She's doing well in school, so it seems. So far, every report card has had all "A's", "S's", and in conduct, "N's". Every Friday she has a spelling test. Except for the one time when I accidently reviewed the wrong spelling words with her, she's made 100% on them :D Her little boyfriend is still Joshua :)

Social. There's 2nd grader named Kori that comes over sometimes to play with both of my girls. She's a pretty little girl. Her gram lives behind us. She told me that she puts Kori in those glitz pageants. Calista really hasn't talked about Kelsey too much lately. She does talk about the some of the kids on the bus. This little girl, Christina, was, at one time, a meanie to her; now she's her friend and gives her things! She's given her a Bratz movie and a little wallet and a cookie! The kids she talks about are: Joshua, Wyatt, Christian, Keon (the bad one in class), Cody, Jaylen (says she goes to speach), umm... my mind is drawing a blank...

Sleep. This kid can sleep. Sleep anywhere and sleep well! If there's clothes, pillows, blankets, whatever on her bed, she will be hidden underneath when I go to wake her in the mornings. And talk about hard to get her up... only a handful of times has she gotten up without me repeatedly trying to get her up... by tickling, flipping, pulling, poking, etc... lol I wish I could sleep as good as she does! This child has even been asking me if she can 'skip' school instead of getting out of bed... "I'm so tired!".

TV. She loves CyberChase and Maya & Miguel on PBS. Actually, she loves to watch PBS, no matter what cartoon or kid show is on.

Color. Purple and pink

Sometimes she fustrates me because it seems like she should understand what I tell her... maybe its just a phase... but, I'll have to tell her at least 5 times to do something, threaten to punish her or something before she listens.

I love that child so much. She's precocious. Funny. Loving/lovable.

She even hugs my belly and talks to the baby already :)

Ursula - 28 mths

Her favorite word to say, besides "no!" is "why?"... lol

She still nurses quite a bit. How much? Hmm... Let's see... Starting at bedtime... she'll either nurse to go to sleep or go grab a pillow and blanket and put herself to sleep in the living room. Then, usually 2 to 3 hrs later, she'll want to nurse. Then, she'll want to nurse around 3am and 5:45am. Sometimes she nurses more, sometimes less... guess depending on how well she's sleeping that night, how she's feeling, etc. Then, when she wakes up, she might nurse a little bit then I feed her some food. Naptime, she always nurses for that if we're not in the car. And most times, she wakes up halfway through her nap to nurse. Then, periodically throughout the day, she'll come nurse. See... she still nurses a whole bunch. I'm wondering what effect my pregnancy will have on that aspect. Prolly not a whole lot of an impact... lol

Sleeping. She's been wanting to sleep inbetween Jeremy and me a lot... like, I can barely ever move her to the crib on the side of our bed anymore; she just creeps back... crawls over me and gets inbetween us again :D hehe

Eating. She eats pretty much whatever. She LOVES rice milk. She likes coffee :(( She sneaks it. She likes Ramen noodles. Eggs. Oatmeal. Toast. Cereal. Brussel sprouts. Cucumbers. Ketchup :(. French fries (of course). Pasta. And most anything else... those are her favorites.

Playtime. She follows Calista around constantly... well, whenever C's home, of course. Its the cutest thing :) Our neighbor has a trampoline and she just loves it. Its sooo cute watching her jump on it :D

Pottytraining. She's actually almost fully trained. Even now when she wears panties, she will tell me she has to go or just go to the potty by herself. Of course, there's no accidents when she's bare-butt. I've even brought her to the bathroom in public places and she's gone :D So, that's cool :)

Ursula has this attitude though. She will cut her eyes at you. Go from sweet to mean in seconds. Angele (my sis) has remarked about Ursula being BiPolar. Ursula will even go to the point of not wanting me to touch her while she's nursing... on ME!!! So, she can touch me, but not vice versa.

Talking. She's doing really well putting together sentences. Her words aren't always fully formed though.