Friday, June 24, 2005

Calista's First Missing Tooth

Here's two pics of Calista's first gap :D

Her lip is busted because of Max, our dog. She was going get Ursula and Olivia away from Max because of the fleas in his area... well, he saw a stray cat and went crazy... tripped the little ones and clotheslined Calista! Jeremy punished Max by making him go into his house. He listened...


Now, doesn't she just look so adorable and innocent??? lol
Poor kitty, huh? hehehe

And YAY that we can finally upload pics using blogger!Cut

Ursula, Ursula, Ursula

Man, this child has been acting 'whacked' the past couple of days!
One time, I found her on top of the Soloflex... above where you do the butterfly exercise... sitting on that part...
She emptied out my purse twice within hours of each other.
She opened up the doors of my tallboy and was digging in there... one time, she took out this natural stuff that's kind of like Vick's salve and was rubbing it on the toilet seat... also I guess she was trying to wash her hands off in the toilet bowl too... at least it was flushed! That thing costs like $12 or so...
She was digging in Jeremy's top shelf of his set of drawers....
This child was always a digger... but, I think she's going far and beyond her usual digging.
She's going nutz!

She pretends to eat or to give someone else something to eat. Pretends to nurse her babies... but hates for anyone to see her doing it. She rocks, walks, bathes, and puts her babies to sleep. If a kitten or baby is crying, she says, "I know, I know".

Things she says:
Don't look me again
Don't talk me
tiny lil bit (if she wants a bite of whatever you have)
poo wee, I, you, tister barted
I wanna nur on couch
Please hold me
I love you too, mommy, baby, etc
tut up (shut up)

She mimics a lot of what we do and follows Calista around all day long.l

Friday, June 17, 2005

Ursula Today and Update

Just today, a commercial played a brief part of Gwen Stefani's song, "Hollarback Girl", I was washing dishes and I heard her say, "I ain't no hollarback girl!"... I turned around and asked Calista if that was her or Ursula and she told me it was Ursula and Ursula said it was her :D I asked her to say it again and she said, "I did already!". That, BTW, is a favorite phrase of hers. "I did it already, I said it already", etc.

She hasn't been nursing as much... I think I'm out of milk... lol But, she does shake her head when I ask her if I have milk... who knows? At night, I'll tell her 'night night Urs" and she'll nurse for another couple of seconds and turn around and go to sleep.