Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Just 2 Years Later...

LOL  OMG, I sure did slack on blogging, huh?  And for what reason?  I have no excuse... I mean, I really should have kept this up since I love reading my posts from years ago and what my kids were doing...

***BAD MOMMA!!!***

Well, Calista's 13½ and in 7th grade.  She's attending MACA; which stands for Magnet Academy for Cultural Arts :)  You can only attend this school if you get accepted.  You have to have some sort of talent that they can assist you with... such as singing, band, dance, acting, art, etc.  Calista is actually "state-identified" as gifted in visual arts :D  She LOVES her school!  

She's wearing a size 1 and a size 7 in shoes!  She's almost my height... so, she's either 5' or 5'1".


Ursula's 10½ and in 4th grade.  She's still at PBE; her last year... next year, its PBH!  Wyatt will be all by himself :-(
She wears a size 10 in clothes and size 6 in shoes (YES!!! My shoe size!!!).

We have their Halloween costumes!  Yay!  Calista will be Alice from Alice in Wonderland and Ursula is Monster High's Abbey Bominable. I will post pictures!