Thursday, August 31, 2006

Faces of Ursula

I have to take pictures of Ursula when she isn't aware of me doing so most of the time... so, in most of these pictures, I'm actually playing Barbies with her and making her smile/laugh using the dolls.
She knew I was taking the pictures of her with the kitten. The kittens are cool, they let the kids play with them... but, they aren't like ragdolls, like how some kittens are when they raised with kids. They've very playful too. Cute, cute, cute.
We have 2 of them given away already; just waiting for them to wean.

School Daze

Here's a couple of pics of Calista taken after getting home from school.

Mini Mom

Here's Ursula, practicing her 'AP' (attachment parenting) style with multiple babies... in that first pic, you see 4 babes in one backpack carrier (same one I used with her and for Wyatt now) and the 2nd pic, you see the backpack carrier is now used for carrying baby items and she's using the stroller for 3 babies while she holds one that dressed like herself... LOL That child cracks me up... never know what she'll say and do...

Wednesday, August 30, 2006


Here's Wyatt interfering with whatever his sisters are doing, especially in regards to that little desk... No matter where it was moved to, he'd go get it... its just so fun to stand up next to!

Friday, August 18, 2006

New Pictures

Since I can't seem to upload pictures to I'm using to link pics here... that's also the reason why I haven't been updating as much I normally do! I hate that I can't upload directly to blogger!
Upset Ursula with a pretty ponytail
Sassy Ursula (we see this post a lot)
Curly-haired Ursula
Pretty smile Ursula
Mommy Ursula (she made a 'bed' for them all and herself)
Silly Ursula
Muscular Calista
Pretty smile Calista
School girl Calista
Homework Calista
And finally, two cute pictures of both of my girls together:
That should keep ya busy for at least a little while :)