Thursday, August 31, 2006

Mini Mom

Here's Ursula, practicing her 'AP' (attachment parenting) style with multiple babies... in that first pic, you see 4 babes in one backpack carrier (same one I used with her and for Wyatt now) and the 2nd pic, you see the backpack carrier is now used for carrying baby items and she's using the stroller for 3 babies while she holds one that dressed like herself... LOL That child cracks me up... never know what she'll say and do...


Jessica said...

I like all the pics you posted. Victoria is no wheres near as intouch w/her motherly instints as Urs. She's so funny! Playin fav's w/the one dresses like her:D The close up of Calista is my favorite, even though the other one makes her look so worn out.
In the one's of just Urs I like the top one. And the interferance...I so know what you mean. If anyone is sitting in the desk eating or writing, she's all into them. LOL
Great pics...and i LOVE the way there wasn't such a big gap, in time! Of course this time you put in some over time, w/what? 4? LOL

Alison said...

hehehe I figured I'd gang up on ya with 4 posts in one day :D I wanted to post the ones with a common theme together, that's why there's 4 posts.

Ursula cracks me up with her mothering... she'll imitate whatever I'm doing with Wyatt with one of her babies. Of course, Victoria is a year behind Ursula, so, you never know how much her mothering instincts will bloom in next year :) Oh, and her favoring one baby... well, really, all of those babies that are pictured are ones that she plays with ALL the time... either all together or rotating them... I think she actually likes the smaller ones better though because they're easier to hold. I think she decided to dress that big one like herself only because it was bigger and could fit one of their costumes a little better than the others.

I'm sure Calista was worn out in that picture. I haven't been getting quite as many of her since she's in school... but, the thing with her is that if I want her to, she'll usually take pics quite readily and they're usually good; so, getting pics of her isn't hard... Ursula is the one that's hard to get a good pic of... I keep trying to get those perfect or close to perfect shots of her.