Wednesday, July 13, 2005


Ursula and Calista slept at their Mimi and Papa's house again last night!!! Wow! Ursula's been wanting to go back ever since the first time! hehe She'd go get her bag and shove things in it, get her clothes, shoes and hat on, and tell me she's ready to go sleep at Mimi's :D hehe

I'm so glad my girls are independent. You know why? Because it proves others wrong about my parenting! HA HA! Esp. for Calista, all I'd hear was how I was spoiling her/them... they'd never leave my bed (co-sleep), or I was making them too dependent on me (extended breastfeeding) etc... but looks like they were wrong! ha ha again! Calista didn't even sleep at their house until she was over 3 yrs old. Here's Ursula at 2½ and not crying or anything; or wetting her panties! woohoo! And they thought that Ursula was more clingy then Calista was... they just don't remember like I do.

What it DOES prove is that my mothering has made them independent instead of vice versa.

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