Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Well, after receiving the costumes from eBay, we decided to not wear what was planned. Calista's, even though it was labeled a size 7/8, was really short; even on her! So, Ursula wore it instead, along with the shoes; they were a little big for her, she didn't care... she had been wearing them around the house anyways. The costume for Ursula fit okay... but, again, the length just seemed too short. Maybe they were supposed to be that short, but I guess I just rather Princess dresses longer. So, Calista wore the same costume she wore last year; good thing it fit her still!

The actual time we spent trick-or-treating was probably 45 min and then the lights were out :( But, the kids came back with a good bit of candy... way more than they need... believe me! So, Jeremy & I will help them eat it... :D

Ursula also decided she didn't want to wear her wig so, Calista did.
You can see in this first picture to the left her true feelings... I finally got her to smile for this picture to the right.

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Jessica said...

man, that kinda sucks about the shortness of the costumes....but It worked out okay. I guess that's why I'm so scared to buy things online....
Alot of the pics came out really well! Considering the disabled cam! and/or the moody children!!
Hey, if you need some extra help eating that candy, just let me know!! Shoot, save me some!!