Thursday, December 06, 2007

Recent Pictures of Calista since Halloween

Skating at her Aunt Angele's house in November.

Cute outfit, huh? Size 7/8. :D Fits Ursula too... LMAO
While we were at Angele's, we went through some clothes they had there from Cherie. Cherie's gotten lots of stuff from the community to help with losing all that she did in her house fire. Some of the clothes were too big for Olivia (5 yrs old and narrow like Calista) so, I was able to get some new stuff for my girls :)

Look at the biceps on this child!
She may be skinny, but she's not bony!!!

Still likes hanging around :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of her of recent.


Jessica said...

...and the 2 last one's of C :)

Alison said...

Thanks again :) Yeah, I think those came out good... except for lighting on the second to last one is dark... but, that last one, I have it as my computer's wallpaper right now :D And she did that one all on her own... I held the camera up to take the pic, and she did that pose :)

Jessica said...

of course! I can't wait to get her dressed up and take pics of her!!! She's going to be fun!

Jessica said...

hey I can see videos and hear sounds now! it just keeps getting better and better :)