Thursday, November 10, 2005

Ursula Talk

Ursula talks soooo much... she's saying so many things... stringing sentences together easily... the only thing is her pronounciation. Like there are still about 4 sounds she doesn't say and substitutes with other sounds.

Like fart is bart.
Sophia is Topeela
myself is mybelf as in "I do it mybelf"

Than on a few a words, she adds a syllable for some reason:
bottle is bah-tah-no
gum is gum-ma

And a couple of other examples:
stroller is strollie
vagina is jye-nee
noonies are ninnies

Some phrases she says often:
That's not fair! (what does she know about fairness??? LOL)
I don't want you to leave me! (like we've ever left her!)
You are my mommy/daddy! (that goes along with sweet hugs)
Its bedtime! - followed by:
Its storytime! Then she wants me to sing to her.
LET ME NURSE NOW!!! She'll sit on the sofa and yell this at me.
I love you, ninnies! (yes, talking to my breasts, with hugs and kisses to them)
I want to go to your house (to whomever she's talking to on the phone)

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