Friday, August 12, 2005

Calista's in Trouble Already!

Here it is, the second day of school and already Calista has not only a sad face on her composition book but her teacher called me tonight!!! YES! I don't believe any of my teachers EVER called my parents about me! Apparently, there were mainly 7 kids involved... 2 of which got paddled!!! Don't know which two those were. I do know Kelsey and Khadijah(sp?) were part of the seven. Brandi gave me more info about all of that. Calista's teacher only told me that she was talking too much. Brandi said that they were walking around the room, talking, and not listening at all to the teacher... like she was talking to a brick wall. So, I am guessing Calista was as bad as the others... but still... I gave her a talking to and hopefully I got through to her. Its an adjustment time for them. Kindergarten was way different from first grade. Maybe the teacher needed a little more patience too.

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