Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Calista's Testing

This week, all of the schoolkids had to get some sort of testing. First graders got tested for Dyslexia. The testing was supposed to take about 40 minutes. When we got there, we had to wait a good bit before it was Calista's turn. She finally gets in, is in there for maybe 20 minutes... prolly less time. She comes out with a sticker on her hand and her teacher tells me that she did really well and she can see that she's a good student. I talked to her teacher for a little bit. While we were chatting, Ursula found some blue wooden beads on this thick string. Well, she dropped them and I went to go pick them up and the teacher told me not to worry about it, that she'd get it. Well, Ursula picked them all up and started stringing them back onto the string. The teacher looked at me and told me what she was doing. That was one of the tests!!! And apparently, not ALL 6 y.o.'s can do it! Its a timed test. She said some drop them, some take a really long time to do it. Ursula had NO problem whatsoever putting them all back on (I think there was 5 beads) and she did it pretty fast. The teacher was impressed :D hehehe

The teacher told me she talked to Calista about her constant talking during class. It sounded like she might have gotten through to her... I have also talked to her about that as well... so maybe between the two of us, something got through to her... that she needs to be quiet at certain times... esp. in class.

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Tasha said...

That's crazy about the bead thing! Gosh, you would assume that most 6yo's cold do that! WOW! Yay Ursi! LOL! I'm glad the teacher talked to her. I hope she eases off with the talking, although I KNOW that's very hard to do! Poor Kid, I know exactly how she feels. :0)