Tuesday, August 09, 2005

School Starts Again

Calista goes back to school, 1st grade, this coming Thursday!!! Man, the summer really does pass by quickly! She's excited though because she gets to catch the bus with her new friend/neighbor, MaKenzie. She's going to 2nd grade; her first time at that school with Calista.

Of course, Ursula says she's going to school too... hehehe

Last night, we went buy her school supplies. We didn't have to buy a school bag since the one from last year is still in great shape. We did buy 2 more red shirts though since the ones from last year are too short. She can get away with wearing them whenever she wears her dresses/jumpers though. Plus, we'll be able to buy more whenever Jeremy gets paid this Friday.

Of course, I'll take pics of her for her first day and post them :D


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