Thursday, August 11, 2005

Calista's First Day of 1st Grade

Today, my neighbor, Jen, her dd, McKenzie brought me and the 3 girls to the first day of school.

Calista's in Mrs. Richard's class. Looks like they have the same kids from last year's kindergarten class in this one as well as like 5 new kids. Its like 25 kids or so... sounds like they need more teachers.

Anyways, Calista came home all excited and happy telling me how much she enjoyed her first day, how fun it was, how fun her teacher is, etc.

This year, that $20 supplement fee is actually justifiable! There's actually like 5 workbooks (if not more) in each desk for each kid! The teachers even want us to buy a bag for the desk, to put behind them, to hold all the books!!! Another $10... Jeremy wants me to make one... I don't have the measurements plus it'll cost prolly $5 to make... in addition to me never making one before... I have no idea how to go about it... well, that's not entirely true, I'm sure I can figure it out... I think I'll just make him pay the $10! lol

Here's Calista's classroom, well, partial. I've named the kids I know from last year. Notice Ursula sitting with her sister! hehehe Yes, she's 'The Mimic' :D

The boy sitting in front of Calista is the little boy that was her 'boyfriend' last school year :D hehe When we first got to the classroom, we had to wait outside until the bells rung. Well, she saw Joshua and she immediately started chasing him! Apparently, his mom was his base... lol Well, being that Calista was chasing him, Soleil, Kelsey, and Ursula followed suit. It was funny :D Esp. with Ursula running around :)

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