Saturday, February 03, 2007

Almost 8 Years Old!

In just 10 days, Calista will be 8 yrs. old! We'll have her bday party at the local skating rink the Saturday following it. This will be the first actual big party for her. Previous years, we just did a family thingie at either our house or another family member's. Gonna invite her classmates, cousins, and neighbors. It would be cool if a lot of people showed up but if not, that's cool too... my kids will have fun regardless :D I think her Aunt Tasha won't be around because she's supposed to be going up to (Utah?) to visit her husband for a month (plus, his bday is the 10th). Her Aunt Tori and Uncle Jason might not be there because she's due anyday for her 2nd baby. I know her Aunt Angele will be there. More than likely her Aunt Cherie and Nannie Karen. Pretty sure Aunt Aimee and her family won't be here since they live in GA. Not sure about Uncle Jared and his family or PawPaw Wayne. And I guess her Mimi and PawPaw will be there if they don't have other plans (like horse racing). Brandy said she'll go with Kelcey. The rink fee pays for 15 kids. After that, its $3/kid. Adults pay for themselves; Jeremy and I are included in the rink fee. Like I said, whatever the case, whoever shows up, its all good :D My kids will love it.

I'll take pics of the kids today and post them later on. They're all in light blue shirts :)


Jessica said...

What? Adults HAVE to pay even IF they're not skating? How much? And for skates? OF course your brother will want some of his own....LOL, his others broke (wish I'd seen that)!! LMK

Alison said...

No, no, no!!! I must not have been too clear... Adults only pay if they want to skate! They don't pay to just enter the skating rink!!!

Does that mean yall will be coming??? :D

Tasha said...

That's cool she is going to have a big birthday party, she's going to love that!!! I'm sorry we won't be able to go. We flew up here to Utah on Tuesday. It's so beautiful up here.

Jessica said...

I can't say what's going to happen. Since J is working everyday that the weather allows him, b/c they are trying to get this job finished...I guess we'll just see when the time comes :)
But how much is it, for the adults? Cause YOU know I will want to skate?!!!?

Alison said...

Yeah, I hear ya 'bout Jared and work... been raining so much... the guys at Jeremy's work are blaming him (because he's been working so much lately instead of taking days off for no reason) lol.

Adults who want to skate pay $4. I'd like to get up there and skate too... I am gonna have to hand Wyatt off to someone who he'll go with in order for that to happen! lol

Tasha, that's okay... I thought you'd be gone by that time anyways. How are the kids enjoying themselves over there?