Saturday, February 17, 2007

Calista's Birthday Party

We did have Calista's 8th bday party at the local skating rink. We had a pretty decent turnout. And I know Calista had a good time (Ursula did too:D).
My mom, Cherie and her kids, Angele & Shane, Jared and his family all came 2 hrs away to help her celebrate.
Jason and Carter and Calista's Mimi and Paw-Paw came as well.
Brandy and Kelsey came and a few of Calista's classmates: Joshua, Breanna, LaFaithia, Gavin, Noah, and Olivia (but, she only came in to give Calista a bday card with a Wal-Mart gift card in it).
She got like $33 altogether and quite a few Polly Pockets and 2 Bratz Diamondz dolls from her guests. She loved them all!

My mom, Cherie, & Sophia.

Jared and Veronica.

Jessica skating.

Most everyone at the table.
Calista, Xavier, Victoria, & Xander.

Racquelle & Olivia

Angele skating with Sophia & Victoria.

Cherie skating backwards.

Pic from the skate rink floor... you can see the guys playing pool and presents on the table.

Pic of Ursula skating... she had such a good time!

Jared hugging mom, holding Veronica.
Shane & Jeremy playing pool in the background.
OH, I'd have more pics but my camera's batteries died!!! Crap, huh? And then, I had packed some other 'recharged' batteries, but apparently, they were no good :( However, Jessica was taking pics, so, that's good :D My 'fallback' :D

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