Thursday, February 22, 2007

New Pictures of My Girls

Here's some recent pics of Calista and Ursula from this month.

Here's Ursula 'posing' for me. She wanted me to take these pics.

Ursula brought me the velcro rollers and wanted me to set her hair... so, I did :D

Of course, she had to take some silly pics as well :D

Awww, isn't this so sweet?

That's a mighty big bird in that there tree! LOL

Wasn't the sky beautiful that day?

Calista's officially 8 yrs old now :D

She wanted to wear this old dress (its gotta be from the 80's, huh?)... no idea why other then her saying she likes old stuff... LOL

Here's Calista getting off the bus on her birthday :D

She loves getting the mail... that's what's in her arms.

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