Friday, January 26, 2007

Pictures of Calista's Nose

Pictures of Calista's nose from Jan. 24th, 2007:

Pictures from yesterday (Jan. 25, 2007)

Pictures from today:

So, what do ya think? Its been 6 days since the trampoline incident.


Jessica said...

You would not believe it but I just wrote a really long comment and Veronica came and pressed the mouse button, selected all, and I pressed the space, and there it all went...OMG!! Let me thinkwhat I wrote.
I was saying that I'm no 'pro' at nose breaks, but after reading what you put, I would imagine that it's broke. Her nose def looks different. I guess after reading all this you can feel better about not going straight to the ER. It's good that she can breathe out of it...
What's funny is that Veronica fell off the computer chair yesterdy and her lil nose has some red on it :( I don't think it's broke, but I thought of Calista. Thankfully her nose is still real soft.
Okay, I've put my $.02 in :)
O'why J doesn't drive his car?

Alison said...

OH, I'd believe that happened! Its happened to me a few times!!! arrghhh! Its so funny how babies can touch just the right keys in the right order to completely erase everything you've spent time on! LOL

Yes, I feel somewhat better after reading that stuff.

Jeremy's car isn't working. The starter went out and being that he resolved to work this year (as opposed to going in only 4 days or less a week); he's been driving my car. And being that he's actually working, he's never home on weekdays and works most Saturdays. Also, he wants to have his starter rebuilt instead of buying a new one. He was supposed to be off today... but his boss just called at 8:30am for him to go in. I believe he was going to have the starter taken care of because on his way out, he said he was going to see if Bucky (a local co-worker that may be off today) could come and get it and bring it in to a mechanic. Hopefully, I'll have my car again soon!!!

So yeah, that blows any plans I had for going see your kids gymnastics performance! :(

Anonymous said...

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