Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pictures from Christmas

Wyatt didn't want to get in the pics... so, its just Calista and Ursula...
But, as you see in the second picture, Ursula was finished after just taking one... and that face, well, she's been doing that same face since birth, practically.

Yes, only 2 pics of Calista right now because Jeremy backdated the computer and all of the pictures in my Kodak folder (where they go when I upload them from the camera to the PC) disappeared! He backdated to Dec. 2nd and all pics from that date on are gone. Jeremy said I can get them back but backdating the PC to yesterday. I haven't done it yet but will after I finish this blog entry.
Anyways, these are the only pics I had gotten around to editing and putting in 'My Pictures' folders... so, apparently, pics there aren't affected by backdating... good to know, huh? Good ole hindsight.

We had given both girls some make-up in cute little girlie things (Calista's is a cool denim jewelry box and Ursula's is the same brand but is a denim pants backpack). So, they couldn't wait to put their make-up on (even the wrong ones in the wrong places... like lipgloss on the eyelids). So, I put some mascara on them both :D
Only later on, I noticed Calista's eyelashes weren't quite the same... apparently, she didn't want the mascara and started pulling her eyelashes out!!! (although, it looks like she cut them, IMO)... instead of just asking me how to take it off. So, now her eyelashes look like shit. Short, almost to the skin.

Ursula didn't mind the mascara... I mean, really, the mascara comes off anyways... it flakes off.
Here ya see Ursula with lip gloss on her eyelids... along with the mascara I put on her.

Yep, fingernails polished too.

This is a funny picture of her blowing on her nails :) hehehe


Jessica said...

That pic of Urs is funny! LOL sucks about Calista pulling out her eyelashes...they'll grow back, right?
That's an alright pic of them, the first one. Urs just has a mine of her own. I bet she was thinking 'you said A pic, mom!' LOL
Love the barret in Urs' hair :)

Alison said...

I'm hoping they grow back... seems like they should, huh? Yeah, the pic of them together isn't the best... like I said, the flash seems really bright and it wasn't like I was that close to them. That day, Ursula was giving me plenty of attitude for some reason... Jeremy had to straighten her out. She's was okay after that...

Jessica said...

Well about her eyelashes. I say lets hope. Bobbie told me once that she had pretty eyelashes like ME, but didn't like the way they would touch her top so she cut them and they never grew back :( Now Bobbie also told me growing up that when we went over an overpass that it was a ramp 'see the ramp sign' she'd say. Yep what a great this day I have issues w/bridges!! LOL
Hey is that outfit C wearing the one I got for her...?? I just thought I saw the lepord print lil' kitty or whatever on it. Has the strip down the side of the pants? If so cool that she's getting use out of it. Of course when you buy for C she'll prob get the most use of it...since she grows so slowly :D
How is that pic in B&W?