Thursday, December 07, 2006

Cutie Ursula

Here's some various pics taken recently:
I'm usually the photographer that takes all the pics in my blogs... but, this first one, Jessica (my bro's wife) took it while we were down there visiting. So cute :D Ursula also has pigtails in this pic.

Pretty in pink :D

Ursula came out of her room with this yarn wig I had made a while back for Halloween and that Sombrero (sp?) that we got for her last bday from Case Ole'. She said she was a Cowboy :D hehehe

Her eyes are so funny in this one! lol Makes me laugh everytime I see it.

And yes, that's a fever blister... lately, she's been getting one monthly! I don't know what the deal is about that. I need to find something that stops it; herbal or homeopathic; something.


Jessica said...

Her eyes are funny! LOL

I like the first one, of course :P, but my fav would be the one w/the pink hood!!
Sucks about the fever blisters...good thing no one else esp Wyatt is getting them. Let me know what remedy's you find. Jared uses some 'zantac' or somthing in a tube.

Alison said...

As you can see from this little sampling of pics and from Ursula's faces... I get excited when I get some good ones of her, like the ones from earlier posts with the red dress on... if its not her silly faces or her not wanting to take pics in the first place, its those stupid fever blisters... that makes me have to wait at least 2 weeks to get a good pic unless I do photo editing... but, those never look natural enough to me, when I do them.

I did find something about the fever blister crap online... gotta find it again because the PC ended up shutting down during the night (during a virus scan) and the page I had up concerning it was lost... I just need to find it again. I'll send the link when I find it.