Saturday, December 02, 2006

3rd Tooth Gone

Jeremy helped Calista lose her 3rd baby tooth. He first tried to use fishing line but, it kept braking.

Yes, she was crying but later on said it didn't hurt... I think she was just anticipating pain. He then just used his finger.

Here she is thanking him! Serious! She gave him this big ole hug afterwards.

I just can't believe that was her 3rd tooth to lose... her top teeth have been loose for a while now...
BTW, she wanted me to take a pic of her smile without that tooth :D


Jessica said...

Aww, I love the one of them huggin' sweet.
I know what you mean about the 'anticipation' pain LOL that how Xavier was...didn't even believe it was out when Jared got it...LOL, like it didn't hurt enough for him to notice.

Alison said...

yeah, I was practically tearing up when she gave him that big hug afterwards! hehehe Before he got the tooth out, he had held her face and told her that he loved her and vice versa... that calmed her down and out came the tooth... so the hug was kind of a natural progression.
Calista's always anticipating pain/hurt and crying before anything even happens. I just don't get it... I guess I don't remember being like that. I do remember crying before getting spanked though! LOL But, that's about the only times and then, most of the times, I'd try not to cry while being spanked.