Monday, October 16, 2006

Recent Pics of Ursula

The above and below pics are from when we went to the park for a meet-up with other moms and their kids.
The one below is what she was doing to make Wyatt laugh while he was swinging.

Playing the new PC game we bought for them.

Playing that same game from the above pic on Angele's laptop (she bought the same game!):

Yes, her face is filthy... lol They were outside playing prior to being on the PC. Angele told them to wash their hands to play the game but didn't worry about their faces :D hehe


Jessica said...

What is that face shes making at the computer? is it something like 'i know what i'm doing' or 'matter of fact' ? What do you think?

Alison said...

hehehe Yep, probably so... A look of superiority perhaps? Maybe because its the same game we have at home and she had played it already? ORRRR, it could be a look of sealed contentment because she won the challenge of being next to play... Angele had them race to the front tree and back and whomever won got to go next; Olivia didn't touch the tree, so Ursula won.

Jessica said...

ahhh, that could be it...