Monday, October 16, 2006

New Pics of Calista

I thought this was cool :D I made Calista's pic into a cartoon.

Calista in a tree :D Yes, she's still a monkey!


Jessica said...

Man these are some really great pics. The one of calista in the tree is great, then there is the one of her in b&w, looking down...I like it. Is the effect that you did to the pic of Calista called 'coloring book' or 'cartoon'? Or both? That pic of her like that is neat! Great, great, great!!

Alison said...

Thanks Jessica :D

Yeah, I like that one in the tree a lot too :D

The effect is coloring book in the Kodak EasyShare program. I try it out all the time but this was the first time I really liked how it came out! lol

Kimber said...


Hey, you could start your own photography business! I do it and it's perfect. I love doing it, I love the extra cash and I still get to spend time with my kiddos! Awesome pictures.


Alison said...

Thanks Kimber! How did you go about starting out? Do you have a site about yours? My sil (Jeremy's sister) is trying it out; she's taking photography lessons online. She recently took her first set of 'pro' pics of a family; they came out really nicely. I wouldn't mind doing it professionally; I think it would be awesome :D