Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Picture Day

At school, anyways.
The kids get to wear whatever today (instead of uniforms). Calista was so excited to wear something else :D hehehe
So, this is her this morning. Hopefully, she'll do a good pic. I bought a cheapo package; if they're any good, I'll scan it in and print them up for others :)
Tonight is also Open House AND Flea/Fly practice.
Oh, and since Calista made such a big deal out of picture day, Ursula woke up this morning telling me it was picture day and went put on a yellow dress... she's still waiting for me to take pictures of her :D I told her to wait until the grass dries (morning dew).


Jessica said...

flea/fly practice, huh? cool! She's a fly again? (fly, right?) Whens the game? I remember last yr is was close to my due date, late Oct.

Alison said...

Nope, she's a Flea :D

I believe the game is like November 5th.