Friday, September 05, 2008

New Haircuts

I love that my sister, Cherie, is a cosmetologist :D
She was at my house because of hurricane Gustav and the girls needed at least a trim, so, Cherie lovingly complied :D
I asked Calista why she wasn't smiling for the pics and she was like, "Well, you know how when people lose weight and they look all sad in their 'before' pics... that's what I'm doing."

And now her happy 'after' pictures... lol
Calista actually wanted Cherie to cut it short... like a bob or something. Jeremy compromised and said she could cut it shorter, but not shorter than her shoulders.
I was okay with her cutting it because she hates brushing or fixing her hair. Hopefully, it won't take much to get her to brush it now...
Bare in mind that no styling tools or products were used...
Their haircuts look much cuter now that they hair got used to its new look :D
Ursula had decided to chop the sides of her hair the day before school started... so, Cherie's just evening it out and cutting bangs for her.
Ursula loves her hair... as does Calista.

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