Friday, August 15, 2008

First Day/Week of School 2008

It was Ursula's first day of Kindergarten and Calista's first week.

Ursula picked out the headband and just had to wear it... but, didn't want me to tie it in the back... just wear the ribbon fall on her shoulders :)

Calista's in 4th grade this year... tons of books...

Wyatt had to get in the picture too... 'cheese me'... lol He's eating his breakfast... a pb&j sandwich. I didn't wake him up until right before we had to leave.
Ursula in her own desk :D The kids were asked if they could find their desks... she, of course, found hers :)

Calista after coming home from school... same day :D
I feel bad because I forgot to bring my camera the first day of school for her this year!!! I had to bring both girls... Ursula had an hour of testing... and I guess I just was so occupied with making sure we had all their supplies together that bringing a camera just slipped my mind!

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