Thursday, August 23, 2007

School Started Aug. 10th

Awww, can you feel the love? hehehe
There's a haze on some of the pics due to the fogginess of my camera's lens... going from a nice, cool 70 degrees inside the house to a muggy, hot 90something degrees outside.

I kept wiping it off.... but, it was resistant to my attempts :D


Here's my girls before going to school on the first day: I drove them... met their teachers, filled out all the stuff they give ya...

Its funny how they do things here because Calista's classmates are basically the same ones she's had since kindergarten! They like to keep them together... I guess for familiarity.

Calista was pretty hyped up about going back to school; so, that was good to see... instead of dragging her feet or pouting about it. I know I was always excited to start a new school year back in my youth.

Ursula, well, she was cool about it too. When I walked her to her class, no one else was there yet, so we stayed outside... well, there's toys outside, so she and Wyatt started playing. Wyatt grabbed a stroller and pushed it up and down the ramp.

Once Ursula's teacher showed up, we went inside the classroom. Ursula didn't stay next to me very long... she was way too busy investigating all the toys there and next thing you knew, she was playing... with what? Babies, naturally! LOL

And here they are, getting off the bus... Ursula's very first bus ride! :D I had asked her before I left that day if she wanted me to pick her up or for the bus to bring her home, she told me, 'bus' :D Of course... I knew that would be her answer. Calista was the same way... I had even went to pick her from school on her first day of Kindergarten and she nearly threw a fit to ride the bus... so, I let her. I learned from that and asked Ursula before leaving :D lol

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