Friday, March 24, 2006

Just a Few Tidbits Concerning Ursula

She can work the mouse really well now... in fact, she opens up programs on my desktop (the ones she wants to play with anyways).

She can work the VCR and TV in her room.

She's been on a carbohydrate kick lately... eating plain rice, noodles, and bread. Weird. Otherwise, she's been eating PB&J all day long. I fix her one bread at a time though. She'll eat like 3 a day or so.

She still likes coffee and alcohol but isn't sneaking it as much as she was... yay!

When she watches TV, she'll imitate the people's actions and lines and expressions.

She likes to imitate Wyatt too... she'll watch him and then tell me, "Mom, he just did this" and do whatever he did; its funny because it can just be a funny look or a look with his mouth open.

She keeps picking Wyatt up.... moving him from chair to chair to sofa to me, etc. Tells me that he wants her to do that.

She does a good job matching her clothes too.

She is still into her baby dolls. She's been making them dance and kiss... LOL And if I watch her and she sees me watching, she says, "Mommmm...." and clicks her tongue... she does that alot... that little sound and rolls her eyes... yes, she continues to have an attitude! And she's still conniving... Lots of people saw that in her eyes from way back when she was still a baby!

And she loves The Veggie Tales! hehehe

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Jessica said...

Those pretty blues tell so much :D
Funny about the coffee and ach. Vic loves my D.P.!! LOL