Monday, March 27, 2006

Finally Some New Pics of My Girls

Taken today with my new Kodak EasyShare 5.0 MP camera (THANKS KIMBER!!!).

I haven't taken too many pictures yet as we had a really busy day today and I just received it.

Ursula was telling me how much she missed Nannie, Angele, Cherie, Olivia, and Racquelle... so, I told her I'd call mom when we got home from Tasha's house.

When we got home, I saw that mom had called a few times while we were gone anyways. So, I tell her about Ursula and she figures she can come over for a couple of days since she hadn't been here in a little while. So, she's here since yesterday evening.

Ursula had fever Sat. night and yesterday... and she was crying about her left ear. So, today, I went ahead and brought her to the dr. to see if she has an ear infection, and sure enough, she does. He also suggested that we bring her to speach therapy. He said he'd get his nurses to look up some info about it and call me later.

Look at Calista's arms in that picture! hehehe She's cut :D hehehe She'll be an excellent gymnast. I'm going to see about putting her in there.

Oohhhh, Ursula can whistle! Its so cute!


Jessica said...

Yep, Calista's arms are cut! Guess she gets that naturally, from BOTH sides :D
Love having to read ALL your blogs to get ALL the info! LOL Get it? Emailed you a question, got the answer in your next blog. Asked a question in your blog, got the answer in another blog LOL bit-by-bit!
Neat that Urs can whistle!
Did they give her anything for her ear? tea tree oil and garlic always helped me. But usually I give my kids, Xavier, some pain reliever b/c it is VERY painful! How is she today?

Alison said...

I'm gonna post the couple of pictures of Calista doing headstands that Tasha took. You might be able to see her abs in there.

LOL, I was just telling mom; or trying to explain to her about my blogs... LOL I know, now I'm keeping up 4 blogs... geez... LOL And I try not to repeat myself.

The doc prescribed a round antibiotics for her. She's still complaining about her ear hurting. I'm just not comfortable messing around with her ears and hearing; esp. with her speech... and how she doesn't pronounce some of the consonants sounds correctly and all. So, yeah, I'm doing the antibiotics for her. I just remember how back about a year and a half ago, she cried about her ears, she had the beginnings of an ear infection and they gave her a round of infection. We did them then and you know, it wasn't long after that that she started really trying to talk. So, I'm hoping she doesn't have hearing loss/damage.

Angie said...

Your girls are beautiful, Alison! Enjoy your new camera.

Alison said...

Thanks so much, Angie!!!

Oh, I LOVE this camera! Its awesome!