Friday, December 09, 2005

Update on my girls

I have to say that its so very cool that Ursula has a good handle on how to work the mouse on my old PC! Its so cool watching her play the educational CD-ROMs we have. The JumpStart series. Although, sometimes she gets mad and just turns the whole thing off! lol The girl with an attitude, that's for sure!

Her favorite things to watch on regular TV are Elmo's World (a segment on Sesame Street) and Caillou.

And she loves to sneak stuff and hide them. Yeah... if she knows that she shouldn't have it, she'll hide it. Like my photo albums... she took them out and hid them under my bed! She loves to use scissors and sneaks them regularly.

Calista brought home her progress report from school Tuesday. We're so proud of her!

She has A's or S's in every subject. A S- in handwriting... but, hey, she brought that up from a U! lol

This is what her teacher wrote on it:

"Calista is a very good listener. She does good work and pays close attention when I am teaching."

She also used two codes, a G and a H which stand for:

G = It is a pleasure to teach your child
H= Courteous, cooperative and well mannered

Calista was so excited because she made her first 100% A on her last Friday's spelling test. She usually gets an 'A' but not a 100% one :D

We reviewed her spelling words again this morning for today's test and she did really well with them. I hope she gets another 'A' :D She was just so excited for last week's one!

Calista is in her school's Christmas Program. It will be on a Tuesday though! I am totally baffled as to why they would put it on a school night! Not to mention the fact that it'll be hard for other family members to attend! Anyways, she's singing this year. Last year she was a dancer. So, I've downloaded a few versions of Walking in a Winter Wonderland for her to listen to. Of course, they're practicing at school too. I also downloaded two patiotic songs since she's to be singing them as well. God Bless America and The Star Spangled Banner.

Oh, I forgot to mention this. For Thanksgiving Day, Calista said the blessing over the meal! Yeah! I was totally floored! Apparently, they do it at school! That really surprised me due to the controversy over prayer in school. It doesn't bother me... just surprises me. But, it was cute to hear her saying it. I've never heard her recite it before! hehehe Its just so funny to me how 'spiritual' she is and we haven't done anything to make her that way. There's a channel on our TV from the 'Trinity Broadcasting Network' that Calista LOVES to watch. She calls it the 'Bible Channel'. She doesn't watch the preachers... but they have shows for kids... sometimes cartoons, puppets, and even The BibleMan, which is Willie Aames from Charles in Charge.

About that Princess swing/backpack... it hasn't come in yet. The guy said he hasn't received the money order yet. That same day, I mailed off 2 other money orders and I've since received the products from eBay that I had ordered. I'm kind of irritated. I did do a trace on the MO and it hasn't been cashed yet. I asked the man to call his local post office and see if its stuck there or what.

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