Tuesday, December 13, 2005

My Dad and Kids

Here's my dad with Ursula, Olivia (my niece), and Calista... looks like they're trading off who's gonna close their eyes, huh?

It was my dad's first time visiting my house! He drove up here on his motorcycle (2 hrs). He spent a good part of the time at the Christmas Program trading off Olivia and Ursula... putting them on his shoulders and all... hehe I think they wore him out :)

I wasn't able to get any good pictures of Calista due to the way it was set up... I couldn't get close to the stage (which is where she was singing at) because the dancers were on the floor in front of it. And I didn't get any video footage of it because I still need to buy a new camcorder battery :( I better hurry up and get one before the baby arrives, huh?


Anonymous said...

oh alison it's neat to see your Dad! The source of all those great 'Buff genes! hee hee
What a winning smile he has. Neat about his motorcycle. All the kids look like they adore him!!

And yes, please get a battery before the baby arrives!

I can't wait until your little lad takes his first breath into the world!!!

Alison said...

hehehe, Thanks :D Now I'm going to have to find an old picture of him and my mom and scan them in (finally have a scanner! woohoo!) just to show you! hehehe

Yeah, I'm anticipating my little one too :D hehehe I can't believe it won't be much longer... its still so surreal!

Pops said...

What a great looking guy!
He must be a real good dad to ride 2 hours in the cold to go to a Patriatic-Christmas pageant held in the Devil auditorium.
Although looks like he could use a haircut ~~~ I wonder if he knows any hair stylists?