Saturday, September 29, 2007

Some Cousins From the Weekend

Jessica took the above picture with Angele's camera of Calista & Xavier.
Ursula & Olivia at Angele's computer.
Xavier, Calista, & Olivia
These pictures were taken by me (except for the first one) with Angele's (my sister) camera; the date is correct.
There's tons more but these are the only ones I sent to myself from Angele's... I wanted to send them all but it was late and I was tired... I not only had to upload them from Angele's camera to her PC, I had to install the software! LOL I was hoping she'd send the rest but she's always so busy with school and work that I'm quite certain they will remain on her PC until I go back to her house!

Ursula is see-sawing with Olivia... they're perfect for it since they weigh about the same.

Sophia(3) & Ursula
Olivia (5), Ursula(4½), Victoria(3½), & Xavier(7) pouting and making faces... waiting to go find something - like hide and seek but with an object... I believe they were seeking a little container of Play-doh.

I believe Xavier and Ursula were pouting because they wanted to go hide it.

Still making faces and pouting... LOL

Olivia, Victoria, Ursula, & Xavier

Calista & Soleil (almost 8 yrs old).

I barely took any pics with my own camera since it isn't working properly... what I should have done was take my memory card out and put it in Angele's camera!!! Why didn't I think of that in the first place???

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