Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Well, I just got a phone call from school and Ursula's going to pre-k this year! I have to go to the school tomorrow for a little meeting and get her supply list.

Jeremy and I were just discussing this last night! I told him that I was waiting for the school to contact me in regards to whether or not she will be attending. He had suggested that I call either the school itself or the school board because we don't have that much time before school starts! Starts on the 10th!

So, now it'll be just Wyatt and me during the day... and now I'll have 2 girls with homework! Well, I'm assuming Ursula'll have homework... she may not.

And I'll have to buy not only 2 lists of supplies but some uniforms as well. We'll probably go do that this weekend.

Ursula's excited :)

I'm going to start waking them up around 6am to get them used to it (again)... and I think that'll help them get to sleep earlier as well because the reverse isn't working (making them go to bed early).


Jessica said...

it's been a lil while, huh? I thought by now you would have their first day of school or soemthing :D

Alison said...

Yep, I was just thinking about that yesterday :D

I'll update today.