Monday, April 23, 2007

Ursula Rides a 2-Wheeler Now!

Ursula Riding 2-Wheel Bike

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She is so happy she can keep up with her sister now! hehehe I knew she'd be able to ride one early... I could just tell from when she was younger. Calista was 7 when she learned... but, she got discouraged when she was 5 yrs old and didn't really even ride her bike for like 2 yrs! I think Wyatt will learn how to early as well. Shucks, he climbs up on the bikes now and pretends to ride them already! hehehe

Oh, in the video, you can hear Calista say, "I'm going as fast as I can"... she was trying to race Ursula :D hehe Also, she yells, "Watch Out!" as Ursula hits the culvert in our driveway. You hear Jeremy laughing in the background too :D

This was last Wednesday, BTW. I've been without my computer for over a week and finally got it up and running last night!!! Go me!!! lol Anyways, that's why this post (and many other things, like email) are behind scheledule! :D

OOHHH, another thing! No video of it yet... I'm sure its coming though :) Ursula can wiggle her ears!!! Funny, huh? Another Jeremy thing :D Its not big movements yet... but, she just realized she can do it... with practice, I'm sure she'll be able to move them as much as her dad can move his :D heh heh heh Calista has tried but I guess its just one of those things that you can either do or can't... I know I've asked Jeremy how he does it and I've tried... to no avail... he said he used to make his teachers laugh with that :D I can about imagine...

And, the last thing... I registered Ursula for pre-K on April 18th. There's 2 classes of 20 kids allowed... one is for free or reduced lunch kids and the other is for the kids that don't qualify. Next school year with be the 3rd year that that school has pre-k and Calista's 1st grade teacher said its a really good program and by the time she gets those kids, they are on the ball. I wouldn't have signed Ursula up for it if it wasn't for the fact that she's been bugging me about it! She's constantly going on about how much she wants to go to school because Olivia and Jude (pre-k) and Calista(2nd grade) and Kameron (1st grade) are all in school... how its not fair that she's not... so forth and so on... So, if she gets in, it'll just be me and Wyatt... all I got to do now is NOT get pregnant... LMAO!

So, Calista and Ursula (if she gets in) will be catching the bus together... yes, its a full day of school for pre-k.

Oh yeah, Calista has a bus stop buddy once again :) As of last Friday, our neighbor's granddaughter is living with them and catching the bus with Calista. She's 12 yrs old and Calista's happy to have her there :)

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Jessica said...

cool again about her riding a big bike, cool about her going to school when do you find out for sure?