Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Testing Week

Calista only had to go to school for 30 minutes this week; and that was today. The school is testing their students individually (last week was the Iowa tests).

When Calista came out, she said her teacher said she passed and I told her, "I knew you would!" Then she told me that her teacher said she was reading at 2nd grade level and that she'd had had the best results so far our of her classmates.

Meanwhile, Ursula, Wyatt, and I waited... Ursula was growing antsy; wanting to go to Calista's classroom. So, Ursula passed some of her time looking at the mural.

Oh, isn't Calista's school just soooo cute? I found that at a thrift store for like 15 cents! I just love finding great deals! Her shoes were also a thrift store find for like $1.

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Jessica said...

Yep, I LOVE great deals too :D