Monday, September 19, 2005


Brought Calista to her first Flea/Fly practice tonight. The first one was last week, but we had no way of getting there :( This time, Jeremy was home and brought us. I didn't bring my camera :( I actually forgot to. Ursula wanted to be right next to Calista during cheerleading practice and got all upset when I told her to come back. I let her go when they were sitting on the ground, and that seemed to make her somewhat happier. But man... is it hot outside!!! I don't remember it being so bad last year... of course, I wasn't pregnant then either... but... I was so uncomfortable! Good thing it was only an hour practice! I was really hoping to find someone to at least pick Calista up for practice since Jeremy won't be home by the time she needs to be there... but, I didn't find anyone. Last year, Brandi was bringing Kelsey... I didn't see them this time; crap.

BTW, the flea/flies are 2 teams. The girls are cheerleaders and the boys are the football players. Its really so cute! Their only game is scheleduled for October 31st. Kindergarteners to 3rd graders are participating. Calista's on the Fleas. They said they have over 100 cheerleaders this year!!! Geez!

Later, after getting home, Ursula was drinking her water and threw up. She had water the whole time there too... but, we were thinking it was because of her getting too hot. I don't know. The only thing she threw up was the water and the little bit of rice she had just eaten.

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